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Drycan Inc

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At Drycan, we offer all types of desiccants  like Silica gel  , Activated Alumina and Molecular Sieves to combat moisture and humidity issues  in manufacturing process as well as Protective packing solutions for Pharmceutical, Nutracuetical and Food Industries. We carry a  wide range of packed desiccant pouches and Pharmacuetical non absorbent coils that are FDA complaint.

We have a large HACCP/GMP state of the art warehouse located in Toronto, where all the products are well stocked for quick and prompt deliveries.  The Industries we cater to are Electronics, Food Packaging, Leather and garment  , aerunatics and health supplement manufacturers among others.

Lowest price offered on   Industrial use bulk desiccants  for : Air dryer, compressor and transformer breather desiccants , gas drying and dehydration of liquids,   where Humidity and Moisture control are key components for trouble free manufacturing process.

Need customised solutions or products we can offer that too.. email or call  us with your requirements  as we make custom made  desiccant bags.

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