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Multipurpose desiccant and by far the most popular one, as its used in Industries as well households, due to its non toxic properties. Its ability to absorb moisture in humid conditions and stay dry without dissolving makes it the best choice over the other desiccants available today.

Product Description

TYPE: Non Indicating White

SHAPE: Spherical Beads

STANDARD PACK: 55 lbs/Drum or 35 lbs/Pail

Application and Uses:

  • Multipurpose desiccant

  • Flower and seed preservation

  • Air conditioners and refrigerator drying agent

Handling Instructions: Non-Toxic, Non-Haz

  • Store in a cool dry place. Reseal liner bag and drum lid once opened

  • Shelf life: 5 years if stored in air tight drums

  • Disposal instructions: Refer to MSDS

Technical Specs

Parameter (UOM) 2-5MM (1/8″ beads)
Assay(SiO2) 98.8 %
pH 4-8
Adorption Capacity at 80% humidity RH 42-45%
Loss on Drying (%) 2%
Appearance Clear Glass Beads
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